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About J&P Healthcare Academy

Who We Are

Welcome to J&P Healthcare Academy! At J&P Healthcare Academy, we are dedicated to providing high-quality training to aspiring certified nursing assistants. Our program is a comprehensive course designed to teach students the fundamental skills needed to provide basic care to those in need. Our program includes a combination of classroom learning, laboratory practice, and supervised hands-on clinical training in a long-term care facility. Graduates of of this program will be able to communicate with patients effectively, recognize medical emergencies, provide hands-on daily care needs while respecting and observing resident rights. Students will learn how to perform basic first aid, CPR, vitals signs, observing/reporting, and follow infection control prevention measures. Graduates of this program may find entry-level employment as a certified nurse aide after passing the state exam to become certified. Employment opportunities include working in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, hospice facilities, and more.



At J&P Healthcare Academy we also offer CPR certification courses to individuals and organizations. We aim to provide high-quality training at an affordable price, delivered by experienced and certified instructors.  

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